Saturday, March 20, 2004

30 March 2004 (Tuesday): The hardest day of all. It starts off badly as my Mcslim friend fails/forgets to pick me up for work and I have to walk all the way into work. I see her on my way and give her the gift and boy is she ungrateful. Work is bad, work is hard. All day I feel strung out and ill. My mind is unable to cope with the harsh reality of the real world and I spend a day staring at my computer screen chewing my fingernails. I try to make this a shared experience, texting anyone and everyone I know to see how they are getting on (exactly the same it seems, except only not at work). The never-ending day ends and once more I am back in the everyday drudgery of working stiff world. The only way to finally end ATP is to remove your wristband and in the evening, after one day worn at work with the intention of prompting Q&A, I finally remove it and ATP 2004 is finally over for me.


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