Wednesday, September 01, 2004

23 March 2004 (tuesday): Another day at work, another day finding me working on the car crash client/job that is Acme Plumbing. The guy is really likeable but his records are terrible (non-existent) and this is just the kind of job/client that working on causes a person (an accountant) to lose the will to live.

In the evening I get home bored and lonely. Rightly or wrongly I register on the singles website Am I bad boy?

Later on I find myself staggering around cyberspace and the AOL internet chat rooms. My god these are moronic, full of stupid people it seems. I opt out of the themed rooms and go to a thirties singles chat room where I eventually wind up IMing with a woman with the screename Yoj Noisivid. She is called Paula and we talk for a good spell, discussing real things of importance in life and she is tipsy from drinking a whole bottle of wine. After revealing that I am not really 30 (she being 38), she eventually sends me a photo and she is gorgeous. I send one and I am not. Soon afterwards, in the late hours of the evening, we go to bed (seperately).

np: Kevin Shields - City Girl


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