Sunday, September 05, 2004

22 March 2004 (Monday): I march into work in the knowledge that yesterday Millwall beat West Ham 4-1 and that nothing can top that. Rema rema.

Today I am continuing work on a job called Acme Plumbing. This work is not accountancy, it is bookkeeping. An accountant is a qualified professional whereas a bookkeeper is any ignorant bod with some time on their hands. So there goes with my attitude to today’s work.

This week is Mark And Lard’s last week on Radio One, a nation should mourn.

At lunchtime Stevo, Ivan and I go for lunch. Stevo suggests the new place called Nandos. When we arrive there, there is a man outside running around in a chicken suit! The chicken asks us if we would like a free meal and I begin to think I am tripping. The food is fantastic and the price is right, this is the best way to eat out.

The evening is wasted, spent playing Pro Evolution Soccer on Playstation.


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